Sugar Cat & Candy Doggie

Sugar Cat &
Candy Doggie

Only one in the world
My companion portrait!

Sugarcat portrait

Unprecedented ever,

Animal companion 3D portrait

Sugarcat Portrait

Sugar Cat & Candy Doggie is based on the 3D, it has a differentiated quality, and a unique character which maximizes the cuteness has received praise from fans around the world. It is processed by 3D modeling based on photos you sent and retouching work.

Sugarcat Portrait

One by one hair, delicately

Creating the hair on the actual pet's fur pattern, and then carefully brushing the hair by one by one. Sugar & Candy Doggie is made only of craftsmanship in lively hair representation.

In any kind, so unique

Sugar Cat & Candy Doggie has been making dozens of companion animal species, for the past three years. Any kind is no problem. Species feature, of course, we have to express the facial expressions and personality.

Sugarcat Portrait

More Adorable

Sugar Cat & Candy Doggie portrait has been renewed.
Body was created, hair became more rich, and they became more cute.
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Sugarcat portrait

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Custom order your one! 'Sugar Cat & Candy Doggie' designs and creates your one and only 3D character of your pet. Digital package contains HD wallpaper, smartphone wallpaper, profile image and Portrait for print.

Sugarcat portrait

Custom Order Portrait : From $99

Digital package contains : HD wallpaper(1920 x 1080px), Smartphone wallpaper(1080 x 1920px), Profile image(1080 x 1080px), High-resolution Portrait for print(19 x 19cm). The artworks will be sent to your email within 15 days of payment.(JPG format)

Please check out before you buy : It doesn't mean to buy the copyright of Sugar Cat & Candy Doggie Portrait. Copyrights of the artworks are in our company. (It can not be used for commercial, or modification.)

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