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Meet Sugar Cat & Candy Doggie's Art & Design Goods. Some of profits will be delivered to the owner of the pet. In case of stray cats and wild animals, some of profits will be donated to: NGO KARA Animal Rights Association.

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Animal Companion Artworks

'Sugar Cat & Candy Doggie' is the Art Brand with cute pets. Come and see the cute 'Sugar Cats' and sweet 'Candy Doggies'!

Sugarcat Portfolio

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Sugarcat X Samsung Themes

Meet cute Sugar Cat's smartphone theme! Download over 20 different design themes, icon packs, and free wallpapers now.

Sugarcat Portfolio

Search 'Sugarcat' at the Samsung Theme Store.
(Samsung Galaxy only)

Custom Order Portrait

Custom order your one! 'Sugar Cat & Candy Doggie' designs and creates your one and only 3D character of your pet. Digital package contains HD wallpaper, smartphone wallpaper, profile image and Portrait for print.

Sugarcat portrait

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